The Scourge of Hydrocodone Abuse in Modern Society

is maybe the fastest spreading type of drug abuse these days. In 2009 an estimated 27,000 individuals sought treatment for hydrocodone abuse in different clinics all over the country. However, these are just the reported cases. A lot of the circumstances are never reported and so the actual variety of cases could possibly be substantially bigger.

The widespread availability of hydrocodone is one of the primary causes why hydrocodone abuse is so prevalent in modern society. There are really more than 200 prescription drugs that contain hydrocodone as an important ingredient. Some of these prescription drugs consist of the following; Lorcet, Hydroco, Norco, Xodol, Hycodan, Lortab, Vicoprofen and Vicodin. In 2006 medical doctors wrote close to 130 million prescriptions for drugs containing hydrocodone.

Numerous sufferers have a tendency to abuse drugs containing hydrococone with out their doctor’s knowledge. Such patients often forget that the drugs are for medicinal not recreational purposes. These individuals often discover their addiction when it really is already as well late to stop it. This addiction usually starts with an unauthorized alteration of the dosage as prescribed by the doctor. As an example, patients becoming addicted to hydrocodone typically commence with taking more than the suggested dosage or with utilizing the drug to get a longer period than originally prescribed.

You are able to truly save yourself from addiction before it begins. You need to start by recognizing the signs of addiction and then address them by sticking towards the doctor’s prescription advice. These indicators and symptoms contain the following; continually asking for refills of hydrocodone, a mental and physical obsession with the drug, mood swings and trying to get additional medication without the approval of the medical doctor.

Almost 23 million people over the age of 12 years have either abused or misused hydrocodone. This really is as a result of its widespread nature. This figure is each disturbing along with a get in touch with to action for any sober minded individual. Hydrocodone abuse must be stopped.

The drug is only meant to become employed as a potent painkiller. It is created for people that endure from long lasting chronic pain. Nevertheless, many folks have taken benefit of its unwanted side effects. Some of these effects are comparable to these of heroin and morphine on their users. For example, the drug is identified to elicit calm and euphoric states amongst its customers in addition to inducing discomfort relief.

Chronic hydrocodone abuse can bring about other damaging effects such as constipation, vomiting, light headedness, drowsiness and nausea. Other recognized effects also contain; blood disorders, rashes, troubles although urinating, mood modifications, anxiety, lethargy and irregular or repressed respiration.

Hydrocodone abuse followed up by excessive consumption of alcohol is potentially fatal. The alcohol intensifies the amount of drowsiness within the victim and might eventually result in a fatal toxic overdose.

It is by no means too late to escape the trauma of hydrocodone abuse. All you have to do is to ask for help. You are able to try to overcome hydrocodone abuse at house or at a unique hydrocodone abuse rehabilitation center. You should follow up all of your hydrocodone detoxification efforts with group therapy. This kind of therapy will give you the essential assistance base you will need to restrain oneself from ever slipping back into hydrocodone abuse.


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